Office Milk Delivery Made Easier

Milk from your local dairy delivered to your office

We’re here to provide a hassle free milk delivery service straight to your office fridge or kitchen - whether you have one location or many, no job is too small* or big for us!

Fresh milk is best served direct from a local dairy - so our milk products are sourced from trusted producers in your state. This means you get the best product and service - at the same time help dairy farmers in your local region.

We have a range of dairy and non-dairy products to fulfil the needs of your entire office crew which we supply in varying sizes, so it’s never been easier to cater to the needs of your whole office.

In our ongoing efforts to promote sustainability, all of our deliveries are made in collapsible, recyclable cardboard boxes – which means you can enjoy your milk without having to stack and store empty crates.

We're all about simplicity. So, you can set and forget your ongoing milk order and if needed make changes online at any time or by calling us on 1300 766 760.

*minimum 6 litres per delivery applies

How it works


Do you find the office fridge is always running out of milk and you just want a really easy way of keeping the office crew happy?  

We deliver to businesses that need at least 6-7 litres per delivery - we can even stock your fridge  - you don't have to settle for milk being left in the loading dock for hours or making a dash to the supermarket. 

Our range includes dairy (in varying sizes) products, non-dairy and other chilled products such as butter, yoghurts, flavoured milk, mineral water and cream.  

We automatically reschedule deliveries around Public Holidays or you can adjust your order at any time using our Online Milk Portal. 

For deliveries 9 litres and over, delivery is FREE of charge.

Ordering your regular milk delivery is easy.  All you need to consider up front is the amount you need. We deliver a minimum of 6 litres per delivery and normally recommend around 1L per person per week, but it’s entirely up to you. 

We can discuss over the phone which products you require, delivery frequency and delivery location details. 

We also consolidate invoices to take the hassle (and cost) out of admin. We can provide a single invoice at the end of each month, that can also be consolidated across multiple sites and we have a range of payment options via direct deposit and credit card.

The Milk Box specialise in office deliveries. We deliver milk directly to your office door and for larger offices, we can sort your order for delivery to each floor around the country. We deliver to Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney as well as some regional centres.